How to unsync onedrive selectively?

Hello im new on this app , and this app really useful to encrypt my files

but im on a limited storage ( just 40 gb ssd )
and i just want selecetively sync some of myfiles on onedrive ( there r 100gb)

all i want to just unsync all the files from my ssd
then when i want to upload files
i put it to my vault that connected to my onedrive
then i cant see which file by cryptomator on onedrive sync app cause all the folder name look weird here ( cryptomator encrypted )

but the problem is my cryptomator app wont work if i unsync all of the folder from my onedrive
so it must sync it all then i able to open my vault

for simply i just want make cryptomator as an encryption gate for my files before it goes to onedrive
then when it uploaded , i can unsync it and freely my ssd

thanks dev

I guess this might be a solution for you if you do not want to have all encrypted files offline as well.

hi thanks for responds !

but i already have encrypted files using cryptomator

how to upload files cryptomator encrypted using that cyberduck stuff? ( not created new vault )

you can open cryptomator vaults with cyberduck online without the need to download the (encrypted) vault. Just try it.