How to switch Google (Drive) account in Cryptomator for Android?

After using an encrypted drive in one Google (Drive) account, which I moved to another account (Google Drive), I can’t open it in the new Goodle account with Cryptomator for Android, even though I deleted Cryptomator’s access rights to the old Google account (in Google’s account settings). Isn’t there any way to switch Google accounts within Cryptomator for Android? Or at least for choosing another one after stopping to use an old one completely (in Cryptomator)?

(Accessing the encrypted drive in its new location (new Google Drive account) is functioning with the Cryptomator desktop app without problems.)

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Go in Cryptomator to SettingsCloud servicesSign out from Google Drive. Then you can sign in again using the new account, go back and add the existing vault using the new account.

Oh, of course, thanks!

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