How to show mounted vault as drive in Nemo?

Hi… new to Cryptomator and trying to understand how to best use it in Linux Ubuntu/Mint.

I see that vaults are mounted when unlocked to: /home/user/.local/share/Cryptomator/mnt/SoMeRaNdOmHaSh

However, I can also see the storage location is where I set the vault… and I presume I should only use/view the vault through the /mnt location.

My question is, can I get Nemo to show the mounted vaults as shortcuts as it would normally for other mounted locations/drives? I need to make sure I have a quick and efficient path to access the location (I don’t want to have to go through the Cryptomator menu every time).

Is this possible or am I misunderstanding how Cryptomator should work?

Create an empty folder somewhere accessible, such as /home/therat/cryptovault

In your cryptomator vault options, set a custom mount point to the folder you have created.

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