How to show mounted vault as drive in Nemo?

Hi… new to Cryptomator and trying to understand how to best use it in Linux Ubuntu/Mint.

I see that vaults are mounted when unlocked to: /home/user/.local/share/Cryptomator/mnt/SoMeRaNdOmHaSh

However, I can also see the storage location is where I set the vault… and I presume I should only use/view the vault through the /mnt location.

My question is, can I get Nemo to show the mounted vaults as shortcuts as it would normally for other mounted locations/drives? I need to make sure I have a quick and efficient path to access the location (I don’t want to have to go through the Cryptomator menu every time).

Is this possible or am I misunderstanding how Cryptomator should work?

Create an empty folder somewhere accessible, such as /home/therat/cryptovault

In your cryptomator vault options, set a custom mount point to the folder you have created.

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Is there also an option to have multiple vaults mounted to one single ‘cryptovault’, like cryptovault/notes, cryptovault/scripts, etc.?

When I try and point the second one to the same folder, it’s no longer empty and I receive a message telling me it has to be.

You can not mount a vault inside another vault.

You can have multiple vaults mounted under different subfolders.
Make separate empty subfolders eg crypto/vault1/ crypto/vault2/
Mount your first vault to the subfolder crypto/vault1/ (not the parent folder crypto/)
Second vault to subfolder crypto/vault2/

Yeah, I feared that would be the case.

It feels a bit cluttered to me, since I then have an unused layer / folder / label which (a bit exaggerated in the example) only adds to the maximum file name like so:


Thanks for clearing that up.

It should work as

No need for the extra folder. Check your custom paths in Vault options/mounting.

What i meant was you can not merge vaults into one structure . Eg “Vaults/Actual_contents_of_vault1AND2” will not work

Right, understood. I think the confusion on my end was that the actual contents of my vaults start with a folder. And that was the one I thought got added extra to the path, but it makes sense now.

Thanks for your patience.

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Ugh, sorry for all the questions, but I just can’t find out what’s wrong: I have 4 vaults, that now all 4 have their own mounting location. So far, so good.

But when I unlock the 4th one in a row and wait (or not, makes no difference) until cryptomator opens the folder for me, it shows up as empty. 0 items.

Added to that, I can’t lock that 4th vault, as the app (linux version 1.4.15-x86_64) then tells me it is busy.

I then lock a random one of the 3 successfully unlocked vaults, after which that 4th one can also be locked.

And to make the riddle complete, when I next unlock that 4th one, which showed 0 files before, it unlocks fine and shows all the contents.

If I then want to unlock the last remaining one of 4, the same thing happens: 0 files, cannot lock it again.

Any idea what I am missing here?

You’re basically missing an update. :smiley: See release notes of Cryptomator 1.5.0:

  • Support for more than three simultaneous mounts with FUSE (#674)

Ah … That’s a shame.

My work laptop is a win8 machine, so I can’t upgrade that app to a higher version than is installed, since that requires win10. Since upgrading to a higher version on the linux machine als means upgrading the vaults, I think I’m a bit stuck for now.

No matter, I’ll make this work with some ‘creative’ mounting and such.

Thanks again for taking the time to point out the cause.

You can actually install Cryptomator >=1.5.1 on Windows 7 SP1 or higher (as before) but we don’t officially support it. See release notes of Cryptomator 1.5.1:

  • Unofficial support for Windows 7 SP1+

I haven’t heard of a case yet where Cryptomator doesn’t work because of a too low OS version but we can’t make any definitive statement about it.

Awesome, understood. For now I’ll keep it in mind, for when I get tired of swapping unlocked vaults. I just don’t want to / can’t run the risk of accidentally loosing any of the vault’s content by using an unsupported version.

Backups are the computer user best friends. :wink:

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