How to see my vault from the iOS app?

I have one vault I created from the desktop app but when I click on “add vault” there’s nothing; the list is empty.

Is the vault created in the desktop app on a cloud storage platform?

I created vault within my computer’s iCloud Drive folder.

In the “Add vault” dialog, you should:

  1. tap “Add existing vault”
  2. tap the iCloud Drive
  3. tap the folder that contains your vault
  4. select the masterkey.cryptopmator file to add your vault

While I use Dropbox, that’s my recollection of how you add an existing vault into Cryptomator on iOS. Which step above doesn’t match what you’re seeing?

Step 3 is missing. There is no folder to select; it’s empty.

There is no folder associated with the vault you created through the desktop app?

If you just open the iCloud Drive app on your iOS device, do you see a folder with the same name as the vault that you created on the desktop app?

I think I have figured out the problem. My vault is outside that folder mentioned in the image; but yes, I can see the folder in which my vault is in (Files > iCloud Drive).

Thanks for the help! :smiley:

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You’re welcome. Glad to see you got it sorted!:+1:

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