How to return a Cryptomator vault to its original unencrypted state?

Hello everyone,
maybe my question is stupid and I just don’t see the simple solution but how can I return a Cryptomator vault to its original unencrypted state? The background is the purchase of a newer Mac with an M1 processor on which the software unfortunately no longer runs so easily.
Thanks for a hint :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

What happens when you try to unlock the vault?

Thank you SailReal!
Perhaps I did not express myself correctly. If I no longer want tonuse Cryptomator and want to have the corresponding folders unencrypted in my cloud again – what should I do?

Easy as pie.

Start by put on the right music:
Then, for each vault:

  1. Open the vault
  2. Move all data from inside the unlocked vault(*) to the outside (i.e. just a different location)
  3. Close the vault
  4. Open the vault storage location by clicking at the filesystem path right under the vault name
  5. Delete the folder, which got opened in your file sytesm browser

(*) you can open this location by clicking the reveal button in the Cryptomator application

When all is done, say farewell to Cryptobot and you are free.


I almost shed a few tears during the background music … Actually, I don’t want to part with it, but the new processor is forcing me to :confused:
In any case, many thanks for the good instructions!

Quick question: Does this work for ‘cut’ and pasting files? What I mean is, if I want to restore an encrypted folder to its unencrypted state, but I do not have a lot of disk space, will this method work by cutting and pasting the files within the vault? Or do I need to have enough free space on the disk itself?

Yes, you do not need to “only” copy, you can directrly move the files fomr within the vault to the outside. I edited my above post to clarify.