How to Restore files from OneDrive?

New to Cryptomator and so far really like it. I use OneDrive as my cloud storage.

My question is: In the event my Local hard drive fails, how do I restore my files from OneDrive after the files have been uploaded to the cloud using Cryptomator encryption from my Windows 11 PC?

Sorry for the noob question.
Thank you.

After installing Cryptomator again, you would add the existing vault in your OneDrive to it.


Oh ok. Awesome, thanks so much!

One more thing to consider for safety.

I always keep an offline backup of my Onedrive. I have an external SSD that I sync my Onedrive to. I use an app called Free File Sync. Do this at least once per week, or every day, and you’ll never lose all of your data should a sync go wrong.

Better safe than sorry. Your vaults will be encrypted and accessible should anything happen to Onedrive.