How to remove windows phantom drive letter?

System is Windows 10 Home with all the updates.
I just updated to CM 1.5.8 plus Dokany 1.4 (newest versions of both).
I created 2 vaults in OneDrive folders and asigned drive letters to those.
All was well until I shutdown and started my pc, then I could not access the vaults through the drive letters. I did not not record the error message, sorrry.
I assigned a custom path to those vaults instead and so far it seems to work, but I find that the original driveletters are still seen in Explorer. I have uninstalled CM, restarted the pc and reinstalled CM, but the letters remain. I cannot reassign the letter to the vaults as they appear as ‘occupied’ in the assign dialog.
Neither Disk Manager nor the command DISKPART shows those drive letters, so cannot delete, but they still show up in explorer.
Any idea of how to delete those phantom drive letters?

Hi. The drive is provided by dokany. So maybe reinstalling this might fix this.

Yup, deinstall dokany did the trick, thank you.

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