How to remove the container from desktop but still keep the container open


Cryptomator is near perfect for me. One of the only issues im having is i hate when the containers open on the desktop background. I don’t want them to all be there open I mounted them to a folder in my favourites in my Macbook, so every time i unlock they all show up in that folder which is perfect.

How do i remove them from the desktop background? if it’s not possible, where is the best place to submit a feature request?

Hello, simply would like to know if this is possible and if not where it can be added as a feature request, or if its not possible because its fundamental to it operates.


@danielk I moved your second post to the your already opened topic, since it is basically the same question. But since i do not use MacOS, I don not have an answer.

@infeo When i saw a response, i was thinking finally someone responded. Thats ok, but do you know if its possible on any computer? not to see the containers on the home screen?