How to recover encrypted data outside it's origin folder

I encrypted my data to sync them to cloud storage, recently I unexpectlly deleted all the data. In the end I recovered some directories from the cloud storage recycle bin, but losed directory structure, I can ensure every dir is originally in a “d” folder’s sub direcotry, such as “d/2A/”, “d/2B/”. But I can’t find any rule to determine which one is original parent folder of the encrypted folders.

Fortunately I also backup my data to offline media regularly. I replaced the same-name sub directories in “d/??/” folder of an older backup, with folders I got from cloud storage recycle bin. I ended up recovering files which were modified, but not new created during the backup gap, because there are no same-name folders in an old version.

Cryptomator’s folder structure is so important, that I cannot place the encryped folders into “d/??/” randomly. Now my only idea to recover the new created files is, trying to place them into every “d/??/” one by one, but there are too many sub folders in “d” folder =_=

Any sugestion or infomation helps. Thanks!