How to provide vault full path and password in the command line to Cryptomator.exe?

Is it possible to provide vault full path and password in the command line to Cryptomator.exe ?

for example : “C:\Program Files\Cryptomator\Cryptomator.exe” “c:\My Vault\masterkey.cryptomator” /pwd=“test”

I wish I could create an URL in my KeePass database to open my Cryptomator vault with only one clic…

For command-line usage, there is the Cryptomator CLI project:

Maybe it fits your needs. Please read the instructions carefully. As stated, the project is “in an early stage and not ready for production use.” But we’re always happy to hear some feedback so let us know if it works out for you.

There is also It’s the CLI for Cyberduck which is able to access Cryptomator vaults.

I read about the CLI project before, but I don’t want to develop my own interface to access my vault, although it would be a workaround…

For exemple, in veracrypt, you can use this command line to silently mount MyVolume.hc as drive A :
“C:\Program Files\VeraCrypt\VeraCrypt.exe” /volume “c:\MyVolume.hc” /password “MyPassword” /letter A /quit /silent

I don’t need a command line access to the vault. I just want to open it and use it as a regular drive in my windows and that is exactly what cryptomator.exe already does. I hoped it was possible to give the needed parameters to cryptomator.exe through the command line although it is not documented yet.

It would be not only a great new feature but for my opinion a more or less standard tool to have a full command line interface for Cryptomator. I really like this tool. But without a CLI it’s not really possible to automate some processes using Cryptomator. So I would please you, to integrate some thing like the github project into the standard application.
I did also a look at the It seems to be a a powerful tool. But I didn’t see (may be it’s my fault) any possibility to open/encrypt a Cryptomator’s vault. Or, if this is my fault: Is there any where a description to do that.
Thank you a lot for all your work in the past.