How to properly delete encrypted files/folders (vaults)?

I use Cryptomator with Dropbox.
I have some folders that I’ve encrypted with Cryptomator that I don’t need anymore.
I’m confused as to how to properly delete them. I want them completely gone from my Dropbox folder, basically.

Do I:
Unlock the folder via Cryptomator, delete the files within the folder, lock the folder, and finally delete the folder within/through Dropbox?
Or could I just straight up delete the folder from Dropbox without doing anything before?

For some reason, I feel like I tried to delete some encrypted files/folders on an older Dropbox account and something made the encrypted files stick around, undeletable and making my dropbox look messy. I’m afraid of causing this again.

I hope what I mean is getting across. Thanks in advance.

You just delete the folders in your vault and let the Dropbox client do the deletion of the corresponding encrypted files.
Please do not delete encrypted files/folders directly in your Dropbox. You might delete things you don’t want to and even worse damage your vault.

If you want to delete a complete vault, then of course you can just delete the vault folder in your local Dropbox folder and remove the vault entry from the app.

Okay, it seems like I was thinking right then.
In this case, I don’t need those particular files/folders/vault anymore, so I suppose that means I can do as you said in the last part: delete it in Dropbox and remove the vault entry from the app?

Yes. You can do that.

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Thank you so much for the help, much appreciated :slight_smile: