How to make Cryptomator and Strongbox play together?

I use KeePassXC to store my passwords. The KeePassXC’s database is in a Cryptomator vault created in Google Drive.
In iOS, I use Strongbox app, that can read KeePassXC database files, in order to access my passwords on the go.
My question is: how can I point Strongbox to my database in Cryptomator vault?
I can open the Cryptomator’s virtual drive in Mac and in Windows, but how can I do it in iOS?

Thank you in advance,

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actually, you can’t directly open the keepass file with cryptomator for iOS and have to export it to Strongbox .
(this is an android thread, buts its the same for iOS)

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I read these kinds of questions often and I always have to stress, that there is virtually no security gain in “double encrypting” files. The keepass database is already encrypted and perfectly suited for storage on cloud storage environments.

I know this sounds strange since I should be glad users use Cryptomator for so many different things, but this just doesn’t really increase security and comes with downsides such as the hassle mentioned above.


Hi Michael,
Your comment has pointed me to the right direction. I realised that there is a “Copy to Strongbox” option in the Share menu of iOS. I will have to copy the database to Strongbox in order to be able to open it. Your link was very useful. Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I understand your point. Probably the reason for that is because we think we do our best on our side to protect credit cards, bank accounts etc., resulting in overkill reactions like this. At the end, I think you are right and I will take very seriously your opinion.
Cryptomator is a very nice and useful app, and there are many other ways I can use it.
Thank you very much for your honest advice,
Take care