How to link to SharePoint Online using Android?

Can I use WebDAV to connect to SharePoint Online in Office 365 via Android? If yes, what is the WebDAV URL? Thank you in advance.

I must admit that I don’t even know if that’s actually possible via WebDAV. It seems to be possible but it looks like it’s not that straightforward:

Another guide:

It looks like that there is no “global” WebDAV URL. It’s specific to your SharePoint site.

Thank you for looking into this Tobias. I can connect to SharePoint Online using my mac laptop via OneDrive Sync Client, but I am hoping one day there is a way to connect to SharePoint using mobile (Android and iOS). Is this something that can be added to the “wish list”?

Office 365 SharePoint is used by many organizations, I would think the ability to connect to SharePoint via mobile phones would be beneficial for many users.

I still don’t fully understand the differences between OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint. I remember that I hoped that SharePoint could be “automatically” supported if we integrated Microsoft Graph. So yeah, actually there already is a feature request for iOS:

And we’ve actually already switched to Microsoft Graph but I’m not exactly sure if that automatically works with SharePoint. I also remember this discussion:

Btw, this is the same for the Android app. We’re already using Microsoft Graph. Please try out the OneDrive option in the app instead of WebDAV and let me know if it works. :smile:

First of all, I would like to say I think Cryptomator is an amazing app. Your team is excellent and very responsive - I am very impressed!

Yea…Microsoft sure makes it confusing. Basically, in business O365, there are two separate apps: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. “OneDrive” is the same as OneDrive for Business but it is for personal use. The two apps have similar functionality but they are separate entities. Within a company, OneDrive is usually used for personal file storage and SharePoint is used for “common storage” (e.g., team files, project files, or organizational files). There could be hundreds of people working from a single SharePoint library. That is why being able to connect to SharePoint from mobile is such an important feature. I believe with this feature you will win over a lot of business clients.

In terms of Microsoft Graph, I am not too familiar with it. I believe it is a developer API and so as an end-user, I have never used it at all.

I have tried the OneDrive option in my Android app. Unfortunately it doesn’t link to SharePoint. It just opens my OneDrive library. On the desktop, you can download “OneDrive Sync Client” and sync both OneDrive and SharePoint separately onto the mac (you get two different folders). So Cryptomator works for SharePoint on desktop. I believe (at least I hope) there has to be a way to do the same on Android and iOS. Thank you.

Microsoft Graph is indeed only for developers. I’ve just mentioned it because we changed to it some months ago and I hoped that it would “just work”. :wink:

It looks like that SharePoint has to be integrated separately:

Microsoft mentions:

Important: APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are in preview and are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

Note: this functionality is an early developer preview and is only available through the Microsoft Graph API beta endpoint. The API design is likely to change as we incorporate feedback from developers.

It looks like we won’t be able to use it in a production application yet. I guess we’ll have to wait until this is out of beta and we’ll have a look at SharePoint again!