How to limit the size of Cryptomator vault to 100GB in Google Drive?

Hi, I’ve been using Boxcryptor for years and Dropbox buying them
is a downer. So I am trying to use Cryptomator to encrypt files in
GoogleDrive and OneDrive for security.

I created a Cryptomator vault in GoogleDrive but the vault size
is 900GB which is the size of my C: drive.

I only want the Cryptomator vault in GoogleDrive to be 100GB.
Is there a way to limit the size of the Cryptomator Vault to a
certain size, such as 100GB and not have it default to the
size of the C: drive?

I remember Truecrypt used to be able to do that when creating
the vault.

Thanks and regards!


The vault size shown is the free space of the partition where your vault is stored. If you are using WebDAV as volume type always the free space of your system partition is shown (see here).
But this is not the space you are using. It’s the available space.
Cryptomator vaults do only consume the space of the files in the vault. It’s a file based encryption. (In opposite of Trueceypt which is a container based encryption)
So if you do not want your vault to exceed 100 GB, you just have to stop putting files in it when the files in your vaults reach 100 GB

There’s to function to limit the vault size or show a warning when a size is reached.

Got it. So if I do a properties check on all the files, it will show
the true size of the files copied to the Vault?

It’s just weird because GoogleDrive is saying I am using up
860GB when total files size I have is only 2GB.

Thanks for the reply.

Nearly. Cryptomator will add additional header information to the encrypted files and you have additional files like the masterkey file etc… This isn’t much, but the size of your files in the vault and the same files outside of the vault does not have the exact same size.

Please have a look at your cloud storage (online). If google there still says your vault is 860GB, then there is a problem.
Or switch volume type to WinFSP. Then the capacity is shown correct in your Windows system.

Thank you Michael. I asked our GoogleDrive administrator and he said
it might take 25 days for the actual storage to show up. Reason is I
deleted a lot of files from GDrive and moved them to OneDrive.
GDrive is becoming stingy with storage. From 5TB limit our organization
is being asked to reduce it to 100GB per staff. OneDrive is better as it
maintains 5TB total storage including storage from Office365.

I think I get the idea now for Cryptomator. Looks very slick. I’m glad there
is a replacement for Boxcryptor. Goddamn Dropbox ruined it for all the
Boxcryptor users :slight_smile: