How to get a license key for Android using a coupon code

If you have purchased Cryptomator for Android e.g. from, you will receive a voucher code for an Android licence key. After that you need to go to Cryptomator for Android, follow the flow to “Buy a licence key” and enter the coupon code during checkout, see:

You now have your Android license key and can enter it into the Android app.

It is not clear from the UI or you message, do people who purchased
cryptomator from proxystore get the license after clicking ‘Apply’?
Or only after filling email, country, zip code, and clicking ‘Continue’?

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

You need to go through the checkout process but the ZIP/Post code is used to calculate the VAT so in your case it doesn’t matter what you enter. The mail address is used to send the license to you and will be shown within the Cryptomator app.

Is it fair to assume the same applies to ‘Country’?

Yes, we just need to verify whether the Paddle terms of service prohibits making false statements in this scenario where the coupon covers 100% of the costs.