How to fully install appimage on Linux?

Hi, new to cryptomator but just downloaded and verified with asc.

Meanwhile, how do I “properly” install cryptomator? It gives me an appimage that I can run, but this doesn’t seem to install the software to my machine permanently? Is there a way to properly add a repository and use apt-get maybe?

I am running Linux Mint by the way, but not a super knowledgeable user so sorry if my question doesn’t make sense for any reason!

Appimages are supposed to be portable.

If you want to install cryptomator as a local app, add an icon to the start menu, and receive updates via your system updates/package manager, you can use the Ubuntu PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sebastian-stenzel/cryptomator
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install cryptomator

Thanks for this. Out of curiosity, what are the pros/cons of doing this versus an appimage?

Pros: Already Listed above (autoupdates,start menu integration)

Cons: Less control over the update process - For most users this is fine. For advanced cases and beta testers, its preferred to run from the self-contained appimages (easier to switch between, or stay on a specific version)

PPA updates run very slightly behind manual updates (usually less than a day on the repository + whatever frequency your auto updates run)

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Interesting… I am curious therefore as to why on the main Cryptomator website, the option you are steered towards is to download the app image, as opposed to installing from PPA?

Surely most users would want/should go down the PPA route?

PPA is specific to ubuntu. Mint is based on ubuntu.

The appimage should theoretically work on any distribution, regardless of package format.

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Ah gotcha! So I assume in time perhaps they will have different instructions for different distros… so I guess it’d help that if I donate to Cryptomator? :smiley: