How to Ensure Successful Vault Relocation

Dear Cryptomator Team and Community, how can I relocate my vault safely so that way I am not leaving anything behind that would break the vault later and how do I access it from the client properly?

I would like to ask further…

how to ensure the VAULT is not corrupted?

becoz upload/download in google drive in very NOT reliable.

sometimes it claims “all files are updated” but I don’t think so.

my method now is try use sanitizer to check the vault after moved.
And ofcoz open it and look at some files.

If really serious, I will use tools like “beyond compare” to check bit by bit.


Your complete vault is stored in one folder that has the same name as your vault. If you look into your online storage, you’ll find it. Copy that folder to your new destination. Then delete the vault from cryptomator. This will only delete the connection to the vault, not the files. After you have finished copying the folder, add in cryptomator (or in the app) an existing vault, and select the folder at your new destination. Check if everything works fine. If this is the case, you can delete the files in the source destination.

Cryptomator files are just files like any of your other files you may store in your cloud storage. If you have problems with up-/donwloading files with the google drive sync app, this is an issue of gDrive. I never had such problems.
Please read also this post: Encrypted files are not synchronized correctly


Thank you Michael, that is quite helpful.