How to enable edit mode in iOS?

How can I edit a file while using the app in OneDrive?
At the bottom of the screen I see “Read Only”.

How can I enable editing?

That’s not controlled by Cryptomator. Onedrive app on an iPad by any chance?

Did you buy the app? The trial version is read only as far as I know.

I see no option to buy the iOS app. I was free. How can I buy it?
Are you saying the paid version if there is one, would enable this?

Apparently my reply is not entirely correct and I suppose I’ve purchased the iOS before the trial was added - see Downloads

How can I purchase Cryptomator on iOS? We use a freemium model on iOS. You can download the Cryptomator app from the App Store for free and use it in read-only mode indefinitely. A one-time in-app purchase through the App Store will grant you write access.

  • Tap the gear icon top left in the Cryptomator app to open settings.
  • Check for the option “Unlock full version”

ios app can’t edit file directly, should move file to my iphone disk ,then edit it with some editor ,after that move back to app, i think app could embedded a text editor, this whill make it better to use, for doc file , could do that like now

That’s not true. IOS App is fully integrated in files app. You can open and edit files out of your vault. Just open your vault and go to files app.

I have tried serveral apps, such as joplin, obsin, bear. these apps can open vault ,but they display encryted files instead of plain text files

ok,i find one app could edit it ,Runestone Text Editor, thanks very much,

there could list serval apps that support open file by ios files .

google best mardown notes pad app , most of them can’t open file from ios files directly, almost made me think there was something wrong with the cryptomator,

I’m very surprised that these apps display enctyed files by mount folder from ios files , what’s happen ?, i could list plain text files on ios files .