How to enable edit mode in iOS?

How can I edit a file while using the app in OneDrive?
At the bottom of the screen I see “Read Only”.

How can I enable editing?

That’s not controlled by Cryptomator. Onedrive app on an iPad by any chance?

Did you buy the app? The trial version is read only as far as I know.

I see no option to buy the iOS app. I was free. How can I buy it?
Are you saying the paid version if there is one, would enable this?

Apparently my reply is not entirely correct and I suppose I’ve purchased the iOS before the trial was added - see Downloads

How can I purchase Cryptomator on iOS? We use a freemium model on iOS. You can download the Cryptomator app from the App Store for free and use it in read-only mode indefinitely. A one-time in-app purchase through the App Store will grant you write access.

  • Tap the gear icon top left in the Cryptomator app to open settings.
  • Check for the option “Unlock full version”