How to disable recycle bin?

I’ve started using cryptomator to encrypt files with Google drive and I was wondering if there is a way to disable the recycle bin: every time I upload a new version of a file something is moved to the google drive bin folder, but I don’t need this, any suggestions?


You cannot disable the google recycle bin as far as I know. But files are being deleted there automatically after 60 days.

Thanks Michael, indeed the bin is automatically emptied after 30 days, but my issue is that I use one of my (free) google accounts as a daily (encrypted) backup (~4GB) and in a couple of days the drive is full as cryptomator move the old file(s) to the bin: if I copy and overwrite files directly to google drive (no encryption) that doesn’t happen, i.e. google replace the files and nothing is moved to the bin… hence I was wondering if there was a way to disable that cryptomator behaviour.


No. Not cryptomator does this, Google does it.
And thus you cannot disable it in cryptomator.

Cryptomator desktop does not have direct access to your gdrive and to its recycle bin. This behaviour is caused by the way Google does sync. I assume, as Google is not able to build „history“ files (as it does not know the content of your files), it moves those files to the recycle bin in case you want to recover them.

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Gotcha, many thanks.