How to determine encrypted folder name

I have a situation where I am unable to “rd /s /q folder” on the unencrypted side (X:\D_UT\folder)

I want to try to remove the folder on the “OneDrive side” but I don’t know which folder to delete??

Is there a way to “determine the encrypted folder name” ???

For instance, could I name the folder “X:\D_UT\Empty-Folder–Delete-Me” and then find that folder on the OneDrive side “/MyFiles/Encrypted/d/HS/Z4PFDXCDXZPW6LEKQBPOJY3VPEEGHL” and remove it?

Or if I knew some unencrypted folder name that always encrypts to something known, like “X:\D_UT\111111111111111111111111111111” would be “/MyFiles/Encrypted/d/HS/111111111111111111111111111111” on the OneDrive side???

There’s no function to this implemented in Cryptomator. All files and folders are obfuscated.
There is a user approach you might find I retesting: