How to decrypt files recovered from a corrupted HDD?

I had encrypted files in an external HDD that got corrupted. However, I was able to recover 2 folders.

dir0001.chk > masterkey.cryptomator
            > m > 2B, 2H, 2L, ...
dir0002.chk > 2Z, 3O, 3Z, ...

How can I decrypt them?

Are you certain that dir0001.chk and dir0002.chk might be parts of the same vault? Then you have to merge them like this:

  • Keep dir0001.chk.
  • Create a folder named d in dir0001.chk.
  • Put 2Z, 3O, 3Z, ... from dir0002.chk in that folder d.

Now your folder should look something like this:

dir0001.chk > masterkey.cryptomator
            > d > 2Z, 3O, 3Z, ...
            > m > 2B, 2H, 2L, ...

Now try to open this vault regularly with Cryptomator. Does that work?

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It worked. I really appreciate the support. Thanks.