How to create a vault on a mobile device from windows?

I want to create an vault on a “custom location” and choose a folder on my connected smartphone. I can see the smartphone connected via USB in Explorer (Windows11), but not in the window when I choose “custom location” in Cryptomator.
I guess it is because it does not have any drive letter. It just show up as a device under ‘This PC’ and the path to it in Explorer is just “This PC\Galaxy”. But I cant use that path in Cryptomator.

Is there any way to make a vault on your smartphone? Best way would be if it could be fixed in Cryptomator, but is there any work arounds?

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Did you tried the Cryptomator app already? It is available for Android and iOS, it can be installed via Playstore, FDroid or just an .apk.

What I want do is to use the storage on my smartphone to make an encrypted backup there (have alot of free storage there) of files that I have on my windows computer. I guess that the android cryptomator app can’t help me with that? Even if the android app could create a vault on the phone, the problem is that the vault is not accessible from cryptomator on windows.

I can of course just copy the files to the phone via windows explorer, but I dont want to have the files unencrypted there if someone steel it and create alot of encrypted 7z files and copy them to the phone is just an mess.

I hoped that cryptomator could help here to make that encrypted backup simple but cryptomator cant see the storage on the smartphone when it is connected to windows. The problem seems to be that an smartphone connected via usb to the PC connects via MTP. And then only windows explorer can read it, no other software.

I have tried to map the smartphone to a drive letter i windows 11 so cryptomator could access it but an MTP device cant be mapped to a drive letter as far as I have found out. So that work around did not work.

I cannot use an iPhone as external HDD in Windows without using additional software.
Windows does not give me the option to paste anything in “This PC\Apple iPhone”.
I assume this is nothing special for my system.
And thus I cannot select this storage for a vault as well. But this is an issue with Windoes and iPhones.
I did a quick Google search on how to do that, and found nothing suitable.
Yes, you can use iTunes and push files from/to iphones, but this is not what you need for your purpose. You need a way to show the iPhone as a USB drive within the windows file explorer.
From my point of view, this is not possible.