How to correctly delete a vault

As a part of my learning experience, I created a number of test vaults. To my surprise, when I right click one of them in Cryptomator (1.5.17) and select “remove”, it gets removed from the CM vault list, but the actual vault remains on the hard drive. So is this the correct procedure?

  1. Close the unwanted vault.
  2. Right-click on it in the CM list of vault and select “Remove”
  3. Shift-Delete the folder with the vault from the hard drive.


Yes, thats the intended process to permanently delete a vault from a device.
The vault shown in the app is just a connection to the vault. Deleting this connection does not automatically delete the encrypted files of the vault.
Or in other words: local encrypted vault files must be deleted manually. They will not be deleted just by removing the vault from the vault list.