How to connect iOS app to Windows shares

Hi! I looked around and I didn’t have any luck trying to figure this out. Maybe I’m just really dumb.

I’ve been using cryptomator for a long time and I love it. Is it possible to add existing vault in my iOS app that is saved in my windows server shares?

I tried looking up how to use webdav but I’m a noob at this. So essentially add existing vault. Use Webdav. The Vault is in my windows server share.

How do I configure this? is this even possible?


This is a matter of your windows server and not of Cryptomator.

You need a WebDAV server running on your windows server. And the WebDAV server needs an IIS installed on your server.
So it’s not just plug and play to do that, but there are lots of sites available if you ask google. :wink:

Thank you for your response! I know have a better understanding of what to do now.

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