How to change volume type of an existing vault

Hi Cryptomator community,

I installed Cryptomator 1.6.15 on a Windows 11 64 Prof computer. The default volume type is Fuse. I created a vault, and everything works fine, except, that I cannot access files within the vault by CMD or TotalCommander. I read, that this would work fine, when Dokany is used instead of Fuse.

I switched Cryptomator VirtualDrive preferences from Fuse to Dokany. After that, Cryptomator cannot mount the vault any more. This is logical.

Do I have to create a new vault from scratch, when I want another volume type, or this there any way to change it for an existing vault?

No. Vault and volume type do not depend on each other.

Nah, it ain’t.

Is an error with an error code displayed? If yes, did you researched the error in our error database?

Regarding vault access: You cannot access the vault with a different (including elevated) user when mounted to a drive letter. Use a directory instead. See Cryptomator on Windows: Accessing your vault with admin priviliges

Hi Infeo,

thank you for your support and your patience with newbie questions.

Due to current workload, I stopped further investigating on accessing data in a cryptomator vault with CMD / robocopy, Total Commander and so on.

As recommended, I use FUSE as Volume Type for the Virtual Drive and Windows Explorer to access the data within the vault. That works fine for me. I am very happy, that I have a secure access to all my data not only at home, but from everywhere with Cryptomator.



Hi Community,

I have been working with cryptomator since 07.11.2022 and maybe, I am a bit less newbie than I was, when I started this thread.

My problem was, that I couldn’t access the my data within the mounted vault with cmd and total commander. My second problem was, that I read over infeo’s hint “See Cryptomator on Windows: Accessing your vault with admin priviliges”. In my experience admin privileges are backward compatible, what means, that as an Admin, I can do the same as a Non-Admin and more.

This is not right here: I MUST access the data in the mounted vault on the same level as I mounted the vault. My problem was, that I was used to start system-related tools like cmd and Total Commander ALWAYS in Admin mode, and that was the reason, why I couldn’t access my data, that are stored within the cloud.

My first guess was, that the chosen volume type was responsible for my problems. That is wrong. I can access my data using Fuse, Dokany and WebDAV. Fuse is most recommended in this forum and the Cryptomator Pros will know, why they recommend it. I use Dokan Library (x64), because I have made the experience, that it is a bit more cmd compatible than fuse.

E.g. I am searching a folder for files whose filenames contains “doku”. This search should find “My Word Doku.docx”, “doku excel.xlsx” and “OUTLOOK DOKU.docx”.
In cmd shell, I type “dir *doku*.* /s” to invoke the search.
With Dokany as volume type, 79 Files and 9 folders are found, with Fuse only 2 files. The reason: Fuse searches case-sensitive. “My Doku” is NOT equal to “my doku”. This is typical for Linux, but not for the Microsoft World. That’s the reason, why I as a windows user prefer Dokan.

Have a nice weekend