How to change virtual cryptomator icon drive

Don’t want to bother anyone but my post is only for “look and feel”. Cryptomator is working magic. Virtual drive appears successfully in my explorer with current letter “Z” I did choose. Icon attached to the disk seems to be a blank page. I rather like to have Cryptomator icon located into “program files\cryptomator” however after fews tries and tricks I did not manage to change it. Any idea. Many thanks.

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slight_smile:

we already have a feature-request in one of our subprojects for this.

There you can also find some links how to change the icon. Additionally, check out the following external article:

Hello Infeo,
Many many thanks. Before posting, I read a proposal a bit similar but because I did not see my disc under DriveIcons key, I thought it was not possible.
In fact in your link it is clearly described that if driver letter key is not there then it is ok to create it.
Magic, I follow all step by step and finally it works fine. So from process view nothing more but from look and feel, I feel good …