How to change the extension name c9r and c9s?


How can I change the file extension c9r or c9s to the other names? Like xxx.c9r.7z xxx.c9s.7z … In order to pass the storage limit.

I am using version 1.5.17 Cryptomator. I downloaded version-1.5.19-src but I cannot find any c9r nor c9s keyword in source code.

I only can find the masterkey filename and change it.

How can I change c9r and c9s ext name in source code?
Thanks a lot.

Hey aty, I am not sure if I understand your question.

Which storage limit are you talking about?, and how/why is it related to changing the file extensions of encrypted files?

Btw, changing the file extensions will result in Cryptomator not being able to recognize the files. We don’t recommend anything of that sort!

Our network storage (LAN and not connet to Internet) limit the all files which saved into it must be some type that be allowed by policy(An encrypted file type - it only encrypt content, filename does not encrypt.)
Although I think it is very difficult to manage the password of each file which is different, but this is the existing status.

I’d like to use Cryptomator in this enviorment. The filename of files in vaults are encryped, and I can manage a group of files in a password.

I know there will be some risk that If I change extension name c9r and c9s to and , the masterkey to … But I want to try… which is the way I can put my files to the server.

Thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome @aty. I would suggest writing a script that will recognize every file s extension name and change them accordingly. Here is a tutorial that I found for Linux - How to rename multiple files on Linux.

Thank you for the script that rename files.

I will use the powerscript to do the same thing. Now the problem is I need to change sorce code in GitHub at version 1.5.19, in order to let the program know the vault files ext, but I cannot find any about c9r nor c9s string in the code.

Thank for yor help again.

I find the code at cryptomator.cryptofs, I think I asked a stupid question.

Thank you anyway for your help!