How to best manage photos

I have around 35,000 pictures uploaded to google drive through Cryptomator, but when i try to download all the photos on the phone or computer it crashes.

As Cryptomator doesn’t have any preview of the photos etc, it isn’t really good for managing or going through them.

What solutions has the community found?
Does Cryptomator have any features being worked on to improve this experience?

Thank you.


I’m pretty new to cryptomator…

If I was having problems when trying to drag files from my vault through Windows Explore, I might try to drag the cryptomator encrypted folders from Windows Explorer, instead. Then, see if I could add the copied folders as a new vault in cryptomator to then access the individual photos.

I haven’t tried to do this.

I know that Boxcryptor, what I used until a month ago, had less than error-free performance when dragging decrypted files in bulk.

Hope that’s useful.