How to backup and restore encrypted vaults

I am new to Cryptomator and not entirely sure how to backup and restore encrypted vault(s). I will be using initially Windows 10 computer and pCloud storage.
I can see that Cryptainer created folder with name of the vault I added (crypt777) that contains folders d m and masterkey-cryptomator and masterkey-cryptomator.bkup files. Is crypt777 I need to copy somewhere and if yes how do I restore it so that Cryptomator software will unlock it? I can also see that crypt777 is stored locally at C:\Users\End User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts. Is that the location I need to copy the backed up crypt777 to?

Yes, you only need to backup this directory. Everything else, including system files under AppData\Roaming\... is not required.

You can simulate a restore by simply copying your crypt777 to some different location (e.g. to your desktop - you can even rename the directory to crypt888). Then from within Cryptomator click on the + icon and choose “add existing vault”. Select crypt888\masterkey.cryptomator and enter your password. You’re now reading files from the copy.

The only important thing is to make sure you do not alter any of the folder structure within the d and m directories.

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