How to access encrypted files stored in dropbox from a pc without dropbox?


I would like to use Cryptomator at home and save files in a dropbox folder. At school, there is no local dropbox-installation at the PC, because it is used by all teachers. I could access the dropbox-folder with the encrypted files via a webbrowser and I could install cryptomator, so that I could use my files.

Is it possible with this or a similar scenario to access the encrypted files? Is it sufficient to download the folder with the encrypted files and save them elsewhere (perhaps on a network drive)?

Is it possible, that other users access to their encrypted files (other password, other network folder with files)?

(Yes, this is not a really secure scenario. ;-))

The closest thing that I can think of right now is that you could use Cyberduck to access your files without having to install/use Dropbox and sync all your data. Cyberduck already has Cryptomator integrated.

Does the PC at school at least have multiple user accounts or is it the same for all? If it’s the same for all, you’d still have to remember to sign out of Dropbox inside Cyberduck after leaving the PC. In that case, I’d question the whole setup because it’s almost impossible to have a convenient and yet secure access to your files.

For the sake of completeness: Yes, you can download the folder/vault with the encrypted files and save it elsewhere. It’s not bound to Dropbox, you can copy/move it anywhere.

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