How sync conflicts works?

I just performed a simple synchronization conflict test.

Test performed :
A file is present on PC1 and PC2.

I cut the network on PC2.

I regularly modify the same txt file on PC1 and PC2.

The result is that the last synchronized file (PC2 after connection to the network) wins and overwrites the rest.

The expected result is that the file on PC1 remains unchanged and that a new file is created corresponding to the state of PC2, but no new file is displayed.

Maybe a function of Pcloud ?


Did you made the same test with unencrypted files (aka no Cryptomator involvement)?

In a second time, I made the same test without cryptomator, indeed the result is the same. The problem comes most certainly from the Pcloud sync mechanism.

Nevertheless, I it is indicated that there is a special function of conflict “Detection of sync conflicts while editing by several people”.