How does the vault structure work?

So I uploaded my whole vault (so I think) to a cloud storage provider (that does not easily support WebDAV or FTP) and wanted to make sure I can retrieve and decrypt my files successfully. So I downloaded one of my files in the vault (it’s a vault with 1000’s of photo files) and tried to decrypt it.

But low and behold, Cryptomator spits out various errors. Even after putting the file in an appropriate folder in the same structure under the .vault file as in the original folder.

Does it mean that Cryptomator always needs the whole vault as it was originally created and if even one file out of thousands get corrupted or lost, the whole vault is irretrievable?

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Yes. The vault must be locally available and its folder structure must be intact.

No, this is not true.

The bare minimum for a Cryptomator vault to open is the masterkey file (masterkey.cryptomator, the vault metadata file (vault.cryptomator) and the encrypted root directory of the vault. ( a folder under the /d directory).

If a file gets corrupt, only this file won’t be accessible anymore. If a folder gets lost, you can restore it.