How does one know if an encrypted folder on Desktop App is also encrypted in a file provider?

Hi, I am brand new to Cryptomator and a lay user.
Following the manual, I have installed it and created a test vault folder.
I have then dragged it to my file provider (MyDrive, Softronics), without previous locking.

  • how does one know if this vaulted folder is still encrypted when transferred to the file provider app?

That not how it works. You do not have to move the vault folder after creation.
When you create a vault, you are being asked where the vault should be located. That’s where you want to select a path of your storage provider. (A folder that is synced with your online storage is the storage provider sync app)

And this is the folder where the encrypted vault files are generated. So if you put some files in your vault (the virtual drive that pops up after you have unlocked your vault), then your can go back to your vault folder and see the generated, encrypted files.

What I would recommend is creating your vault in a folder on your cloud provider.

I use both Google Drive and OneDrive and my vault exists in the cloud, not on my PC.

I try not to keep data local so that all of my devices are generic. You can of course synchronize your vault and have a copy on your PC and a matching copy in the cloud however that requires that you have enough disk space locally and I have way more space in the cloud than I have locally.