How does Cryptomator differ from Boxcryptor?

We’ve been using Boxcryptor with Google Drive (OS: Windows 10) for several months, but it is clear that BC cannot handle Drive File Stream. Every update causes problems (can’t save, open files etc.). So my question is, how is Cryptomator different in this respect? Boxcryptor have told us the following:

Unfortunately, Google releases updates to Google Drive File Stream in a rapid sequence and Google does not provide us with early access to new versions. This means we can only start adapting Boxcryptor to changes to Google Drive File Stream as soon as everybody else receives the new version. At the same time, Google is moving fast and that’s not always a good thing, especially because the virtual drive of Google Drive File Stream is not always following filesystem standards. Sometimes Google Drive File Stream behaves different than any other “regular” filesystem and this can break things in Boxcryptor which are unexpected. Other software might not be impacted by these quirks as much because Boxcryptor has to work with Google Drive File Stream in a more “low-level” way than most other software.

We keep providing debug logs, and they keep providing experimental versions of the software which work for a time. However, this is massively disruptive for our business - and we are looking for something better.

So, in addition to this question, would Cryptomator be suitable for a) Google Team Drives and b) for business use?

Thanks in advance.

At first, i only know little about BoxCryptor.

As far as i know BoxCryptor installs its own windows driver yielding a deep windows integration.
In contrast to that approach Cryptomator tries to be as system agnostic as possible and therefore uses either common interfaces (like WebDAV) or relies on third party programs (for Windows it’s Dokan) resulting in a maybe slower, but also more general and also protocol save approach (not using any windows specialities and so on).

To answer a): Browsing around the internet reveals that the main point would be that with Google Team Drives you’re forced to use Google Drive File Stream. Browsing around the forum shows that people already using Cryptomator in combination with Google Drive File Stream and seems to work. (I don’t use google drive for myself, maybe some other user might say more about this)
I want to point out that the above does not change the basic usage of cryptomator: You have per vault one password, file name and file hierachy encryption and no user or group management within the vault.

For b) you should have a look at the enterprise section of the cryptomator homepage:

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