How do you sync the vault to the cloud?

For Dropbox, there is a sync client. For other cloud providers, there isn’t something similar. Like, for S3, there is “s3 sync”, but a script has to be run each time the vault changes (from computer to S3 and vice versa). It’s more like a copy than sync. Same for rclone.

How do you copy from computer to cloud and vice versa, on Linux?

The answer is dependent in which distro you use and which cloud provider you wish to sync. Some have Linux apps to do just that…some don’t. Since this isn’t a function of Cryptomator, your best bet is seek info from the specific cloud provider and/or Linux distro. Although you may find help here if you provided more specifics.

Pick up any, say, S3 and Ubuntu.

Note that I am asking about proper sync (continuous multi client sync, not to mention handling conflicts), not manual copy.

For example , I change a file on the phone and I get it automatically on my laptop or vice versa. Right now, each time a file is changed, I have to run a script to copy from S3 to laptop or vise versa. That makes no sense with constant updates.

With Dropbox and nextcloud this could be done, but not with other backends.

I suspect that there are multiple ways to accomplish this in addition to DropBox and NextCloud.

In my environment I have my vault stored on my NextCloud instance which resides on a dedicated VM in the EU.

  • My androids and iPhone connect direct to that as does my wife’s iPhone

  • My Fedora Linux laptops and my wife’s MacBook use NextCloud sync and that’s been working just fine

  • I have a cron job on two Raspberry Pi NAS units (one has an internal battery and sits next to my go bag for a fast exit) that syncs the vault down every 6 hours and that make a date stamped back up of the vault once a day. The back up copies are deleted after 30 days

Your data change rate, threat assessment, technical skills, resources and recovery requirements will certainly vary, this is just what works for me…so far at least…

/me knocks on wood


Use a neat program called Rclone.

Basically, what you do is set up a configuration that can connect to your S3 compatible cloud provider. Then, when you’re ready to sync your vault to the cloud drive, run Rclone:

To configure your cloud server run:

rclone config

Then, you will run something like this:

rclone sync source: S3Cloud:

Rclone has extensive documentation, and a community forum.

I would suggest closing and locking your vaults before synchronizing.