How do I use the Cracker tool?

OK, so I’ve lost my password. However, I can almost remember what it was, but there are possibly several thousand ones it could be.

I’ve come across this “Cracker” tool but I’ve no idea how to use it. Yes, I have read the Usage section.

Anyway, I’ve downloaded cracker-win.exe but I don’t know where to put it or if other files are needed. I’ve tried simply running it but nothing happens. STDOUT seems to simply mean sort of text file, and I can generate password combinations in Excel and copy to Notepad (would that work for Cracker?). I am guessing I need to run cat passwords.txt | java -jar cracker-x.y.z-fat.jar path/to/masterkey.cryptomator from some sort of command line but Wikipedia tells me that “cat” is a Unix tool. I’m on Windows 11.

Advice please…

See here:

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It’s worked! Many, many thanks Michael, very much appreciated!

I’ve got this system, you see (I don’t trust password managers). It turns out I’d misapplied my own system: I’d unlocked that particular vault several times, so somehow I miscalculated its password several times over.