How do I share my encrypted files in Dropbox?


Today, I just installed Cryptomator and created a Dropbox account.
Now that I made a vault and encrypted my files in my Dropbox folder,
how do I share them with anyone?

For example, I have a CV that I want to share with an employer by email.
How do I do that when its encrypted via Cryptomator in my Dropbox folder?


If you know/trust the person then you can have a shared folder in dropbox. You can create a separate vault in there just for the files that you wish to share with them. You will need a shared password for this. Also I am not sure how you will coordinate not editing the same files simultaneously if that’s what you plan to do. If only for sharing then this is not an issue.

EDIT: I replied too soon, I just read the second part of your question. I am not aware of a way to do that via email using cryptomator, it is not the purpose of the software. But if you just want to share an encrypted CV via email you can always 7zip it with a password and send the encrypted file and then send the password via other means, e.g. SMS if you have a number and their permission. Or you can add the protected 7zip in your dropbox (outside cryptomator) and send them the link, but again you have to deliver the password somehow. Of course this is only applicable if your employer actually expects an encrypted CV, otherwise if you just want to store it encrypted (for you) but also send it via email, you’d just decrypt it outside the vault and send it.

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There is no sharing function. You can only share a complete vault by sharing all vault files and the password to a person who is also using cryptomator.