How do I run a script in a linux vault as superuser (sudo)?

I’d like to run executable scripts from my linux vault as superuser, but I can’t. I can run a script from my home folder, but if I copy it to my Cryptomator vault (also mounted in my home folder), then the script won’t run. I use the terminal to run the script/s:

sudo /full/pathname/for/script

When running the copy of the script in the vault, I get error message: “command not found”. From searching this forum and others, I can see that this may be related to mount properties and permissions, so I have included a “-oexec” phrase in the Custom Mount Flags (right-click Vault > Show Vault Options > Mounting > Custom Mount Flags. This doesn’t affect the outcome.

This use case is of particular interest to me as it allows storage of passwords and/or credential files that will be encrypted when the filesystem is at rest.

My system details:

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • Cryptomator Version: 1.6.10
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