How do I request a refund?

Hi, I was looking for a Samsung Secure Folder replacement and came to know of your product via Google. Unfortunately you don’t offer a trial to know if your product meets my requirements. The only way is to purchase the product and if the product doesn’t meet the requirements, because there is no support email that is clearly advertised, the only way to get a refund seems to be that the customer needs to first register on the forum just to request a refund. I wish you had a better way.

My issue: It seems you cannot import folders, instead you can only import files. Yes you can add multiple files as long as it is inside the same folder. But I have folders and subfolders that total to about 20-30, and each of these have files inside them and having to go through each folder manually and upload the files, but before doing that you have to create a corresponding folder name inside the valut if you wish to keep them organised is just too much work. On looking at the forums (one example: this has been a request from as early as 2017 and still not addressed.

I tested Samsung Secure Folder and it seems to not have this issue at all as you can point to a parent folder and it imports all folders and subfolder underneath this, so easy. I don’t like the interface of Samsung Secure Folder but seeing that it can do what I want with minimal amount of headache, I don’t think Crytomator will work for me. Are you please able to advice how I can get a refund?


Hi. sorry to hear that Cryptomator does not fit your needs.

You can request a refund via the google playstore (assuming you bought the app there), just like it is with any other app from playstore.

Please have a look here for the latest development on document provider integration: Update on the Document Provider Development

I purchased the app directly from you. As you have a dedicated page for purchase and download (outside of Playstore) and you don’t offer a trial, wouldn’t it be good business practice to also (somewhere on that page), have a button or email address to assist users with refund.

Thank you for the link on the document provider integration. From what I read there, as well as the link you also provided I am not sure if I can wait for a long time. For example the last comments from the developer: “Some things need to be done before we can fully focus on Document Provider……” and “Unfortunately, we determined that integrating Document Provider into the existing app would require major architectural changes, therefore requiring a lot of time and resources”, seems that we may have to wait.

I have already uninstalled Cryptomator and currently using Samsung Secure Storage. Although it has its flaws, its much easier to work on it and fits in with my work flow. May I please get my refund?

Just sent you a direct message to initiate the refund.

Saw two message asking for my email address to initiate a refund. I replied to the email and I got postmaster delivery failure. Can you please email me your preferred email address or provide it here?.

Just initiated the refund.

I wish you a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for initiating the refund. For those who are looking for a refund, I ended up using the email address that I found in Google PlayStore ( Just putting it here in case someone else is in a similar position.