How do I get by data back?



Okay, windows 10, I have two cryptomator vaults, one is fine, one shows this behaviour:

Yesterday I noticed that I cannot dir a directory (that contains A LOT of small files. At least tens of thousands.). There seemed to be a sort of timeout: when I entered with explorer or made a dir on the shell, there was a lot of waiting, followed by an error message like “drive not responding”. I could still dir the other directories, but Windows was wonky after that and I kept rebooting and retrying, but to no avail.

I then upgraded to 1.4.5.

Now I can unlock it, but no mounting, and when I do “reveal drive”, I immediately get the box “e:” in unavailaible (E: would have been the letter for the virtual drive).

Now of course I want to get my data back. How can I do that?

(Yes, my HDD ist fine, SMART is fine, etc. Data is backed by dropbox too, so I could get at older versions.)


What version did you use before upgrading to 1.4.5? Are you using WebDAV or Dokany-based vault drives?


Thanks for the quick response.
The old version was 1.3.3.
The previous version used WebDAV, the new uses Dokany.