How do I connect Android with Dropbox, Dropsync?

Hi Everyone, I would like to sync a folder on my android phone to Dropbox, via Cryptomator.

Have searched high and low but unable to find any guidance.

Do I need an app such as Dropsync?

Please for any help or link to instructions

Thanks in advance!

No you don’t.
You set up the connection to Dropbox in the cryptomator app. Then you add your existing vault to the app. That’s it.
There is no sync. Cryptomator mobile does connect directly to your online vault.

See here:

Brilliant thanks!

Thanks @Michael, I had worked through the documentation but hadn’t been able to make sense of it.

Sorry but I just don’t understand how this works. In Android Cryptomator, if I click on the Plus sign, it offers me Create new vault or Add existing vault. In both cases it then takes me to a list of options, but do I choose Dropbox or Local storage?

Presumbly from what you said, Dropbox. But how do I then steer it towards my Android folder. I’m attempting to connect the Obsidian note-taking app. Do I use my Obsidian folder in Dropbox, or create one on my android phone?

Many thanks, I find it confusing. On Win10 I know where I am, but this connection just fries my brain :weary:

Yes. If your vault is stored in your Dropbox, then select Dropbox. :wink:

This will not work as the document provider feature is not implemented in the android app so far. You can not access the unlocked vault via the files app. Only via Cryptomator App. So you can’t select an unlocked vault as destination for your obsidian notes app files.
See here: Using Obsidian with Cryptomator on Android

The desktop app and the mobile apps work differently.