How do I change program configuration parameters?


There are various configuration parameters that can be changed to alter the default behavior of Cryptomator.

:warning: Warning: These are advanced options that should only be changed by experienced users.

Command Line Options

  • -Duser.language=en - sets the program language (use ISO language codes)
  • -Duser.region=TW - sets the region (to support multiple dialects per language)
  • -Dlogback.configurationFile=logback.xml - sets the log configuration file
  • -Dcryptomator.settingsPath=~/.Cryptomator/settings.json - sets where to store program settings
  • -Dcryptomator.ipcPortPath=~/.Cryptomator/ipcPort.bin - sets where to store the file used for inter-process communication (used when attempting to start multiple Cryptomator instances)


The aforementioned command line options are stored inside C:\Program Files\Cryptomator\app\Cryptomator.cfg under [JVMOptions].


To change the options under macOS, right-click on Cryptomator and choose Show Package Contents. Then find the JVMOptions section inside of Contents/Info.plist.

Comment by @tobihagemann: We recently discovered that this will change the application’s signature. That’s why accessing saved passwords from the system keychain won’t work anymore. We might have to reconsider this.

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