How Cryptomator defined a user to provide supporter key?


Is Cryptomator need an account? If no, How can Cryptomator defined a user?

Because I really love Cryptomator and want to support the team, When i view supporter certificate license in “Funder”, the description is : “One license is valid for one user …”.
This made me confused, it’s mean somehow, Cryptomator can’t use license i bought in 2 or more users, right? But How? I’m scared now… I thought Cryptomator doesn’t has feature that defined a user in the first place?

More question : the lowest cost to have supporter certificate is 15,59$, right? It quited expensive to me, can i pay lower?

From Reddit (nothing more to add) :grinning:

The “license” only activates the dark mode. But you can donate what you want:Donate
The license is just a key you paste in Cryptomator and it activates the dark mode, the license is for ONE user, but I guess if you are a horrible human been you can use the same license several times.

it’s not fit the point of my question… Can cryptomator has ability to define a user, if Cryptomator is offline use (nothing to defined a user : like ID, or register), so i can use supporter license on whatever i want and Cryptomator know nothing. If Cryptomator can define a user, which mean there are a ID or something, so i can’t use it on whatever i want.
And what is the point of words “One license is valid for one user …” .

No. It a matter of trust, that you use the license key according to the definition. One key, one user.

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Just found out that this question has been asked via email, Reddit, and this community. :joy:

Everything has already been said so I don’t have anything to add. But I’ll just copy/paste my email answer:

The license (supporter certificate) is checked “offline”. We don’t have any means to track how often the supporter certificate is being used. We explicitly state the “one license is valid for one user” because that’s how we would like to have it defined from a legal aspect. But we don’t enforce this technically.

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