How can I use a vault for 1&1?

what is this 1&1 Coop (
Is it possible, if so how, to create and use a vault on 1&1 smartdrive? Ideally such that it can be used like Onedrive, Dropbox etc


Due to their support page you just have to activate the encryption in their mobile and desktop application

(German Link)

thank you for this link!

It seems strange that they talk about “Upload Manager” which appears to be an Win XP software, and mobile devices (Android, iOS).

Both not usable today for desktop synchronisation :frowning:

This says it’s compatible with Win10.

Although I’m not an 1&1customer, I am pretty sure one of the biggest provider in Germany offers state of the art software

Sure, it requires “IBM-AT-kompatibler Computer mit Intel-kompatibler CPU ab Pentium II.” :grin: