How can I tell which encrypted file corresponds to which original file?

hi there,
I use dropbox to sync cryptomator vaults between a desktop and laptop, including markdown documents generated by obsidian.

I see dropbox instances on both machines tell me files they are syncing, and these have long machine-generated alphanumeric filenames ending in .c9r

I would like to be able to find out which top level file they are encrypted pieces of. THe specific interest is in knowing that a markdown note in one machine has been successfully propagated to the other machine before I start to work on it there.

Does anyone know how to map encrypted fragments to the original file? \


The following thread might help you:

You can’t, because cryptomator obfuscates the file and folder structure.
What you can do is compare the timestamps, as this I formation is the same for the encrypted files and the u encrypted ones (so that sync clients can do their job). But as soon as you have multiple files in your vault with the same timestamp, this will not work anymore, as you can not tell which cr file Matches the unencrypted file

See also here

If you are an experienced python user, this might interest you:

thank you for the prompt responses.
The windows only python utility i’m a bit hesitant to use it as it actively manipulates contents in the store to deobfuscate, but it is quite clever.
IDK if this is frequently needed, but I would vote for it (it is worth putting in a feature request, or is that too remote a need to be practically ever worked on?)

There are already some request open for that. As there re different approaches, there are different requests.