How can I determine if OneDrive-based encrypted folder has synced?


I use cryptomator on a folder which is stored on OneDrive. I access/ update files in that folder through cryptomator on both Android 13 and Windows 11 23H2.

At present, a file created in that folder on Android does not appear on Windows, and a file created on Windows does not appear in the cryptomator folder view on Android.

How can I possibly tell 1) what has actually been stored in the OneDrive cloud (as it’s just the Cryptomator encrypted version that will be there and I have no idea which branch is for which file)? Presumably, if I can get that answer, I can determine if there is a OneDrive syncing problem.

Any clues are appreciated.

This may be related to recently (last few weeks) updating Win 11 to 23H2???

You can use the locate encrypted file feature.

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