How can I delete generated thumbs / cache in my iPhone?

Hello together!

I am newly working with the iPhone app Cryptomator 2.4.8, accessing an unlocked vault on pCloud. Everything is working great!

When I first open a folder, I see all the pictures it contains without previews. If I now tap on the Cloud icon to the right of it, the image is downloaded and displayed. Now where exactly are this files saved in my iPhone? Could I also delete it again? How much space does it take up?

The question is quite crucial for me as a photographer: With over 100’000 original images (RAW shots Adobe DNG from the camera) this will surely become a storage problem at some point, if these previews or cache content on the Phone can not be deleted!

Unfortunately, despite a long search, I have not found out where these previews and files are cached. For support I am very grateful!

Best regards from Basel

You may have found this already: Why still thumbnails after clearing the cache?

Basically, Apple automatically generates these thumbnails in the Files app. They’re not in the original size. To be honest, I don’t know what kind of “clean up” strategy they have.

A lot of users actually like to have their thumbnails when clearing the cache (so that only the cached file, which is significantly larger, is deleted). Maybe we could add a feature request, which would allow the cleanup of thumbnails.

Thank you so much for your answer!
This confirms assumptions and interim clarifications.

Best regards from Basel