High CPU usage and nearly impossible to copy

I have been experiencing big troubles with Cryptomator lately. When I browse my vault Cryptomator usually starts utilizing the CPU from 30 to 100 %. The same happens when I try to copy something from my vault. But despite the high CPU utilization the copy process sometimes does not even progress. It does not copy at all but gives no error too. The CPU utilization stays for hours even though there is no activity from my side. I always has to kill the app through task manager to unload my PC. How to solve this issue? It was working just fine few weeks ago.

I am using my vault on Google Drive and the latest Cryptomator app in version 1.6.10 and FUSE on Windows 10.

Same happened to me when using the stream mode in the Google Drive Client settings, a lot of locally cached files, and using a HDD. Google Drive will check for changes to be processed on each startup which could take a long time in above setting.
So these are also the parameters you may want to check and adjust:

  • Release cached files or switch to mirror mode. The latter should be more effective but will cost more space.
  • move cache for GD and Cryptomator to an SSD
  • you already switched from WebDAV to WinFsp?
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I haven’t made any changes but the problem seems to be solved. It looks like it was G Drive issue which was probably resolved by some update.

Anyway I have been using the G Drive in the stream mode as my Vault takes up 20+ TB and it would be quite inconvenient for me to use the mirror mode. Besides that I have been using G Drive and Cryptomator on an SSD and WinFsp.