Help with Dropbox integration?

I understand that Cryptomator can be used with Dropbox. But I have DropBox set up with my Mac so that Dropbox is constantly syncing Documents, Downloads, and Desktop. Is there a way to use Cryptomator with this setup? I can’t find instructions specifically on this.

Hi. Yes that’s what’s Cryptomator was build for (encrypting files for online storage)
What information exactly do you miss?
The documentation uses Dropbox as example.

I’ve seen the documentation. But it doesn’t seem to work with the particular setup DropBox has when they allow you to backup Documents, Downloads, and Desktop. They have an option that allows you to continuously back up those part of your file system. Is there a step by step guide for using Cryptomator under these circumstances?

If you want to encrypt everything before it is uploaded, then it is not possible to use Cryptomator with this setup. In fact, it is impossible to use any encryption software with this setup.

The reason is simple: If your dropbox client backs up your private folders, it directly accesses those and uploads them to your online storage without any step inbetween where the data can be channeled through an encryption software.

On the other hand, if you just want to store vaults in dropbox, just create them normally in a directory watched by the dropbox client and use it. Only encrypted data will be uploaded, because Cryptomator encrypts on the fly.