Help us documenting Cryptomator

We have started a new documentation project for Cryptomator and wanted to make contributions to the documentation as easy as possible and think we found a good solution.

Do you…

  • … have a GitHub account (can be set up in 2 minutes)?
  • … know Markdown (that is the name of the syntax you use for your posts in this forum :wink:)?
  • … know how Cryptomator 1.4.x works?
  • … speak English?

Then you might want to help us with the documentation on

Just click on the Edit on GitHub button on the documentation pages and send us a pull request. We will then review your changes and merge them.

We might even add further languages in the future.


Great idea.
And even for people like me, that have absolute no experience with GitHub “pull request”, it’s not a big deal.

For anybody who wants more information to Markdown and its syntax: Here you can find examples and detailed infos (wiki). Its really easy.

@overheadhunter: I can imagine some people are not familiar with the CLI Process and the fact that they have to grant access to their github account to the application “CLA assistant” (with permission to read the accounts email address) if they want to send a pull request. Although I’ve already given this permission, maybe others won’t be as trustful as me and do like some more explanation to this requirement :slight_smile:.

Good point, added documentation about the documantion. :smile:

Work in progress. Maybe we can add some screenshots of the whole GitHub workflow.

I’ll jump in once Indonesian documentation translation for Cryptomator available

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